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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting into a zone

Well, here's my second update to the blog.  It has been a typical week, with lots of "real work" to do and plenty of frustration on the writing front, but actually a some good things to report as well! 

First, a progress report.  I think I've written about 6 sentences since the first blog!  Its not much, but it is progress!  I think my biggest frustration at this point is getting focused enough to actually start describing the scenes I have in my head.  I can only describe this state as "getting into a zone." 

I have experienced said "zone" on a few occasions in the past when writing.  Most recently, I was on a trip to China last fall and I began to write a back story for a new character I had created for our latest Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  Poor guy was a paladin who had been "chosen" by some dark power.  He's being forced to work for this thing until he can break free.  I had a neat scene in my head of the young knight's encounter with this evil being and I set to write it down.  It was really fun to write, and I spent several hours of my 13 hour flight writing out the scene.  I was pretty happy with the result and ended up with a 4 or 5 page little story written down that has been great for using as the starting point for playing the character in our game.

This has not yet happened with Ryndaria.  I am hoping I do not need to catch another flight to China to make more progress on the story.  I have actually mapped out what I think will be the first "part" of the book, but actually writing it out has been an issue for me.  For one, the opening scene has 5 characters in it, all elves working together.  I am used to writing back stories and short stories that revolve around one character and maybe an antagonist.  I am having trouble keeping track of what all 5 characters are doing and describing them all.  Any other writers face similar issues in the past?  What have you done?

I had some great advice this week about this conundrum though.  It was suggested that I take the various characters and take some time to write about them in a completely different setting.  This would force me to write about how they would react to a different story, and then learn about them and understand the characters better for writing about them in my story.  I think I may try that.  I have done some similar thought exercises with a couple characters and that has helped a bit so far.

I have also been encouraged to play to my strengths and write in a style that I am comfortable with.  I am doing that in a way.  While the book is in the third person, I write it mostly from Trezl's point of view, so I do not have to spend too much time describing the minds of the other characters, only Trezl's.

I wanted to thank everyone for the encouragement and support my first week with this!  I have been spurred on by the out pour and appreciate it beyond words.  As a thank you, I am going to share the very first line of my story with you all.  So get ready... 

Are you sure you are ready???


Pretty awesome beginning eh?  Are you all intrigued now?  Don't worry, I'm sure I will ask many of you to help me by reading early versions for feedback. 

Until next time...  follow those dreams!

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  1. If you need a reading test dummy you can always ask me - I'm not well read, but I'll give you my honest feedback!
    -Alex C

  2. Thanks Alex. I should be posting something in the next month for folks to actually read. See if I'm on the right track. :)