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Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 3

It has been three weeks, and I do not have a ton to post about this week.  I'm mostly doing this just to make sure I post weekly.  I am afraid that if I miss a week, that will turn into a month or longer.  The blog really helps me set my priorities to make sure I am setting aside time to write.

I was struggling the last couple weeks with transitioning between different "scenes" I had planned out.  As I talked through this with a friend, he suggested I may be trying to race to a particular point in the story's timeline that I consider the "present".  The present time in m mind for Ryndaria is the state of the world I dungeon mastered for our recent Dungeons and Dragons game. 

The friend suggested I begin writing about Trezl at this particular point in time.  I can then flash back to the previous months as a way of filling in the blanks of how Trezl got to where he is "today."  This week, I started doing that, and I found myself able to write a little easier.  If anything, it has been a good exercise to get me back into the world mentally.  I can "see" the world more clearly now, and I am able to write about Trezl the way I think of him instead of the way he "was."

In other news, I let someone read the first few pages of the story yesterday.  It was nerve wracking, but it went well.  The feedback was positive, but brief.  It was a good start.

Thanks for reading!

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