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Friday, February 10, 2012

First Milestone and First Battle

I spent the last week on a business trip to China.  Before I went, I decided I needed a goal for the story while I traveled.  There would be 30+ hours of airplane rides and many hours of downtime in a hotel for the week.  I wanted to make sure I would stay focused and make time to write.

My goal was simple - break the 5000 total word barrier.  The goal was designed to be simple and attainable.  I've been struggling getting words typed out, so I wanted a decent target in front of me to work toward.  Before the trip, I had about 3500 words already written, so it meant getting about 1500 words down.

Well, I can let you all know that the goal was achieved during the flight home!  I have attached a screen shot showing 5014 words total written!  I'm pretty excited about the milestone.  It is already motivating me to keep writing.

I decided I would focus in on one particular scene for the majority of the writing for the week in order to reach the goal:  my first fight scene.  I began by mapping out the battle on paper.  I drew the combatants and their positions at various points in the fight in an attempt to choreograph the whole thing. 

It was actually very helpful to draw it all out before writing it down.  It helped me visualize where each character is and how they each move throughout the fight.  It is easier to describe what is going on now that I have a picture to work from. 

In the scene, Trezl and four companions encounter a new type of enemy.  As they fight, they have to deal with an unexpected twist, further complicating the fight. 

Honestly, I'm really nervous about writing it all down.  I hope the words flow so the whole thing feels compelling and exciting to the reader.  I'm also a bit surprised at the length.  It is taking a lot more words than I expected.  I'm up to about 1000 words for the fight and it is just really beginning.  I hope that it does not feel too drawn out or overwritten.

I hope to finish it in the next week or two and share it with some of you to let me know what you think. 

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