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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Readers Wanted

Say it with me... Nine Thousand Words! 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself the last couple weeks as I have hit my stride while writing this fight scene.  It has been a lot of fun to visualize the actors in the scene and to describe it along the way.  In the process, not only did I finish the scene, I hit another milestone, passing 9000 total words.

Now, I'm nearly ready for friends to start reading.  I will read through the scene over the next few days do a first pass of editing.  I want to make sure it sounds right to me.  I also want to format it into something that can be read easily on a computer or e-Reader.  After that, I will package it up and post it to the blog here for anyone to read through and give me feedback.

What kind of feedback should I ask for?  There are a few items that concern me most. 

First, is the scene enjoyable?  This is key obviously. 

Second, does the scene flow cleanly?  I want the pace to be consistent and not get too slow anywhere.  I hope that there is a sense of action and urgency in the pacing of the scene.

Should grammar be a focus at this point?  I know I use the passive voice a lot, and I try and rewrite passive voice sentences.  Any other grammar pitfalls you might point out would be helpful.

What other types of feedback should I request from my readers? 

Your comments are appreciated!  Please feel free to post below.

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