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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Momentum Lost

I really let a MONTH get away from me???  I have got to get back on track!

I've done a number of things over the last month, but I have fallen behind in the writing department.  There are a lot of excuses to be given, but they are only excuses. 

The main thing I learned after all the writing in February:  it can be exhausting!  I had a big goal, and worked really hard at it (finish the chapter).  At the end, I posted it online, took a deep breath, and let my productivity fall off a cliff.

Generally, feedback was positive, which I am really happy about.  On the down side, I felt like I did not get as much feedback as I was hoping.  I'm not sure if people didn't see the post, decided not to read, or just didn't have anything to say.

I'm going to repost the links to the chapter here in case anyone still has not read it.  I appreciate your feedback.

The last month has been slow, but I have done a bit of work on the book.  I found that mapping out the scene before writing REALLY helped, so I have committed to doing the same in the future.  I want to make sure I know what I'm writing before just throwing words at a page.

As I started coming up with a more detailed map of the story, I realized I didn't really know what I wanted to actually happen in the story.  I've got a very loose outline that basically says Trezl starts at point A and ends somewhere near point B.  The middle is a big nebulous blob. 

How does he get to point B?  Who is he when he gets there?  How will he react to finally reaching point B?

I'm reminded a bit about Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series of books (which I have not finished, but am slowly working through).  You know Roland is going to the Dark Tower, but you have no clue what is there and what he will do when he gets there.  The story helps develop that character over 7 books so that what happens at the Dark Tower has meaning. 

I realized that Trezl's story needs the same, so I have been doing a lot of thinking and writing (and crossing out and rewriting) on the middle.  I'm expecting it will pay dividends in the end!

Thanks for reading.  I expect to get back to regular blogging again, starting now!

Links to the chapter:

.pdf: Download
.epub: Download
.mobi: Download

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