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Thursday, September 6, 2012

PAX and Twitter Lessons

So PAX Prime was gigantic.  I attended the show back in 2008, and I thought it was crowded then!  The show takes up 2 or 3 times more space now, and it was even more crowded than before.  I was completely blown away by the sheer size.

The highlight for me, from a writing perspective, was sitting in a discussion by the creator of the Eberron world of DnD, Keith Baker.  He discussed world building and the origins of Eberron.  He also spent some time talking about his approach to a new world he is currently working on.  He even took one of my questions and talked through it a bit, which was exciting.

The other thing I really enjoyed was painting my first miniature from the guys at Reaper Minis.  They recently completed a Kickstarter for a whole new line of plastic miniatures for table top gaming, and I could not help but support the Kickstarter (over 240 miniatures are coming my way over the next six months!). 

I never painted a miniature before, and I was worried it would be very difficult.  When it comes to painting on canvas, I am not fond of what I produce.  I lack the practice to create lines the way I envision them.  Painting little 2" tall characters is a totally different experience!  I really enjoyed the process, and I'm pretty proud of how my guy turned out. 

I found the creative process of painting this guy to be extremely rewarding.  Sadly, it was one of the first things I did at PAX.  The rest of the show was great, but it could not match the fun and excitement of creativity on Friday morning.

I learned something interesting the last couple weeks.  ReTweets are a powerful tool on Twitter!  Twice in the past two weeks I have had my blog retweeted by people with many more followers than I have.  Both times, the hits to the blog more than tripled!  Of course, the views only lasted for a day each time.  As soon as the retweet faded away, so did the hits.  I learned first hand the power of Twitter.  For those that are reading due to those tweets, thanks for stopping by.

I am back home now and working on a number of projects, but Jairus is still strong in my mind.  I continue to work through my outline in preparation to write chapter two.

Thanks for reading!


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