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Friday, July 26, 2013

Dhenir and Truce Forged

600 years before mentoring Trezl , 400 years before named Honored Protector of Nemus, and over 200 years before his son left for the sea, Dhenir Rusvahta earned the right to wield Truce.

Dhenir was a captain in the elven guard when the first human war (Dhenir would see three) swept the dwarves and elves into conflict.  Millennia had passed since the last time elven military had left the forest on offensive.  Alliances with human nations forced the honorable elves to intercede in the conflict.

During this time the dwarf and elf races maintained peaceful relations and trade.  Though elves and dwarves rarely formed friendships, Dhenir grew to admire and trust a peculiar, nature loving dwarf.  Pasiv "Mossbeard" Stonehorn appreciated the open air and vibrant plant life that grew above ground.  He often found excuse to voyage to the elven forest as an emissary of his clan, and Dhenir escorted him throughout the forest with joy.

Alliances with differing warring human factions found the elves and dwarves on opposite sides of the conflict.  Though for two years, both nations refused to battle each other directly.  Diplomatic relations continued between the two races, attempting to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

When the elves learned of a dwarven ambush responsible for the deaths of a squad of elf centurions, Dhenir's commanders ordered him to arrest Pasiv, the lone dwarf in Nemus Forest at the time.  Torn between duty and friendship, Dhenir confronted his friend.  Assured by Pasiv the dwarves would never break the unsteady peace between the two nations, Dhenir helped Pasiv escape the elven guard and the two went in search of answers.

On the run from both their homelands, Dhenir and Pasiv sought the true cause of the ambush.  A lich of great power controlled the southern kingdom of Rackna.  He planned to turn the other races against one another in an attempt to turn the tide of the war and set up a new empire, ruled by his undead forces. 

After uncovering the lich's plot, Dhenir and Pasiv presented evidence to the elven and dwarven kings.  Convinced of the treachery, the elves and dwarves rallied the remaining human nations against Rackna and the lich's stronghold, ending the first great human war with the lich's destruction.

As a reward for Dhenir's service to truth and lasting peace, the dwarven king personally forged a sword for the decorated elf and named it Truce as a symbol of the new alliance between dwarf and elf.  The elven archmage, the head of elven wizards, enchanted the blade to be ever sharp and to cut through stone.

For his service, the elven guard promoted Dhenir to command the elven rangers and warriors who patrolled the forest, keeping all unwanted visitors from ever finding the elf cities within.  His command lasted hundreds of years before his people named him Honored Protector of all the forest.

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