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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Something New

I want to try something new with the blog for a bit.  Last year, I participated in the Kickstarter for Reaper Miniatures ( new Bones line of miniature figures for our D&D games.  The figures are unpainted plastic.  Last year at PAX I learned how to paint a miniature at the Reaper booth at the convention.

I found I really enjoy painting these miniatures.  Make me put paint on a canvas and I will sit staring at blank paper/canvas intimidated.  But I can really focus on painting these figures.

While talking with my lovely wife last night, we discussed my recent writer's block and my fear of writing Trezl's story.  I realize I must continue practicing writing if I am to feel comfortable finishing Trezl's story.

She suggested I write short stories about the characters each figure I paint represents.  I immediately had an idea for the back story of a halfling I was in the middle of painting for my daughter. 

For the next little while, as I paint figures, I will post pictures along with short stories about the character as they come to me.    I expect most of these characters will exist in the world of Ryndaria at some time in Ryndaria's history. 

The stories will be written quickly with only minor editing.  I want to hone my craft.

Here is the first:


Charis, Halfling Sleuth

Charis grew up in a small burrow of halflings, south of the human kingdom of Greystone.  The third of four children, Charis lived in comfort and peace.  Her daddy, Iakona, worked as a deputy of the town constables. 

While still a young girl, circumstances forced Charis' family to leave their halfling home.  While on duty, Charis' father responded to a disturbance at a local pub.  Iakona never explained to his children what happened that night, but four halflings died, and the family left their home and their people one night shortly after.  They packed what they could carry on their backs and a single mule.  That night, Charis noticed a long, thin chest her father hid among the supplies on the mule's back.

Charis' family survived working as servants in the land of humans to the north.  Her father and mother found various jobs throughout the years.  They cooked, cleaned and served wherever they could.  Hard work met the family's needs, though they never felt as they belonged in the human towns.

Years later, when Charis entered her teen years, rumors of war swirled.  Various human kingdoms warred amongst one another, and the other races of the world were forced into the conflict.  During the great war, cataclysmic destruction rent the halfling homeland.

Fearing for his people, and their culture, Charis' father gathered his oldest sons and set out to help recover what people, history and treasure could be found from a land destroyed and uninhabitable. 

The men of the family left Charis, her mother, and youngest sibling to wait on their return.  They never did.

Three years later, impoverished and preparing to enter womanhood, Charis built the courage to sneak away and open her father's slender chest, against her mother's wishes.  Charis held her breath in awe as she lifted a sword of unbelievable craftsmanship.  The sword shined, its silver rose blade nearly radiating light on its own.

Charis' thoughts raced.  Where did her father get this amazing blade?  Who made it?  Her mother only knew that Charis' grandfather passed the sword down to her father as his father had done before that.  Tears once again flowed freely as Charis realized the history of the blade was lost along with her father.

Over the days ahead, determination replaced grief in the young halfling woman.  Charis knew purpose.  She would continue the quest of her father and brothers.  She would recover whatever was left of her halfling home and history.  She would learn her family's history and destiny.

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