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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Elves, Aelar and Aelar Jr. - Urban Rangers

Our D&D group switches up dungeon master responsibilities on a regular basis.  This allows us switch up stories regularly and to allow those who lead time to create the next adventure.

In one game, my son and I play an elven father/son team of "urban rangers," Aelar and Aelar Jr.

My nine year old son and I enjoy playing the pair.  In D&D terms, my character is a "controller" type, using his crossbow to fire various trick shots, setting up the battlefield to give the rest of the party opportunities to shine.  My son's character is a "striker," dealing the most damage in the group with his greatbow.

I painted the two characters out of our Reaper Mini Kickstarter batch of figures.  Here is a picture of Aelar Jr.  It was one of the first characters I painted.  I let my son pick the color scheme for the figure.  I wish I had known more of my more recent techniques when painting him, but I am still quite happy with the way he turned out.  I particularly like the textured look of the cloak.  It moves from light to dark, giving it a realistic look.  My son loves the look of the character.

Here is Aelar.  I finished him last week before our Friday game.  I used all the various techniques I know to create him.  I think it is obvious the difference in quality.  I mixed colors more, creating a reddish wood bow (I do not have any figures with crossbows, sadly) and reddish bronze gauntlets.  I think the drybrush along his cloak really adds a lot of detail as well.

Aelar left the forest decades ago, though he does not talk about why.  He shows a general distrust of nature, prefering the hard lines of tall buildings to trees.  He uses his agility to be a master of stealth and "parkour" acrobatics.  His "allergies" flare up almost immediately after his feet touch the dirt of the road or the grass of the forest.  But he is fierce, if a bit cocky, in battle.  He not only controlls the battle situation, he makes sure he looks good doing it (with many attempts at "John Woo" like moments during battle).
Aelar Jr. has never known the forest, but his elf heritage calls to him.  He wears the "traditional" colors of his people, though this usually ends up looking quite flamboyant.  His bright green cloak makes him stand out in the forest more than blend in.  His father has no intentions of teaching him the proper greens to wear.
I hope you enjoy these pictures and a little insight into these characters.  I may speak more of our current adventure.  We are on the "Quest for Forever."  Our party is following in the footsteps of famous adventurers who disappeared on the quest themselves.

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