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Monday, September 16, 2013

Blog Plans

I want to make sure I post regularly and give you readers insight on my writing progress.

After writing Kurssix' story and posting it last week, I found myself a bit tired from the experience.  I set a deadline and goal: finish painting the miniature and get the 1000 word story posted by Monday morning.  I met my goal, and I'm pretty happy with the results.  I had a good number of hits last week, and even several retweets on Twitter, which is great!

I did not make much progress in writing Asa's story last week.  I'm probably half way through the first chapter.  I know what chapter two is (I even wrote it once in the past, though I will re-write it), and chapter two is where the story starts moving forward.  For chapter one, I hope to give enough background that the reader cares about Asa and what he goes through.  I admit, I am struggling writing it down.  I'm pushing through though.

In the meantime, I also realize I need practice writing short stories.  I like Kurssix' story, but I recognize there are some issues with it that could be cleaned up to help the story flow a little better.  You may have seen a couple tweets from me over the weekend asking for resources to improve my short story writing.

To help me in this endeavor, I am taking a course by Holly Lisle ( on writing "flash fiction" - short stories of 500 words.  The course is three lessons, and I am working through lesson one now.

The course will have me write five flash fiction stories as I go.  I plan to share them all with you (many with painted minis) on the blog when they are finished.  The basics of each story are already written down (according to Holly's lesson one rules, which you can find at her site).  Now I am writing the stories themselves as a part of the course.  I am excited to see how they turn out.  I hope you will enjoy them also.

Over the next few weeks, as I learn the ins and outs of writing flash fiction, I probably will not have new stories to post on the blog.  I will continue to update you on my progress as I finish the flash fiction course.  Once that is done, expect one new short story a week.  I expect most of them to take place in Ryndaria, but a couple may not at this point.

Finally, I try and spend part of my morning (remember, I get up early now!) reading new fiction by independent authors.  I will post reviews of these works when I finish.  I expect these reviews will help you find other great indie authors.  There are lots of unique, wonderful stories out there.

Thank you for reading!  As always, find me on twitter (  I hit the 400 follower mark today, doubling my followers in the last 2 weeks!  I participate much more on twitter now, so feel free to tweet me!

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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