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Monday, September 23, 2013

One More Week

Today's post will be a short progress update.  I am on track for my blog transition to complete next Monday!

As a reminder, my plan is to post twice a week; Mondays and Fridays.  Mondays I hope to post reviews of other works by fellow independent authors, as well as progress updates and insights into the stories I am working on.  Fridays will be "Fiction Fridays" and I will post short stories and excerpts from my work.  I will also post pictures of any miniatures I paint to go along with those stories. 

On the writing front, I mentioned in my previous blogs that I am taking a short writing course on "flash fiction."  For the class, I will write five short stories (approximately 500 words each), and those will be the first five Fiction Friday posts on the site.  I have the characters mapped out for each story, and have the beginnings of four of them complete (almost done with #5).  It will take some effort, but I believe I will have all the stories complete by next week.  Expect the first story up on October 4th!

My reading habits are still the same.  After some Bible time, I read Finndragon's Curse, by Richie Earl in the mornings.  I read ANTics, by Dakota Douglas to my children at bedtime each night.  I am enjoying both books, and look forward to sharing reviews of them with you when I finish.  I started The Black Collar, and look forward to reading it more intently once I finish Finndragon's Curse.

Painting the frost giant I showed you last week goes slower than I hoped.  Larger miniatures are much more difficult to paint.  They require a lot more paint, have more detail, and just take longer.  I'm working through it, and hope he turns out as I expect. 

Finally, a request to you.  With the transition to a more consistent format, I wonder if I should overhaul the look of the blog.  What do you think about the current color scheme?  Is it readable?  Any changes you more experienced bloggers might suggest?  I figure now's the time to make a change, if any!

Thank you, as always, for reading.  Be sure to drop me a comment below.

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