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Friday, October 4, 2013

Flash Fiction - Shadow's Lament

OK.  Here it is!  My first attempt at flash fiction.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please, please, please leave a comment below or message me on Twitter (@ryndaria).  As I learn to write these, I want to know what worked and what didn't.  I respond to every comment and tweet directed my way that I can.

On Monday, I will discuss the story a bit and the process I went through in writing it.  See you then.  With that, here it is.

Shadow's Lament


I winced at the name, one I chose in the arrogance of youth. I heard the sarcastic mocking in the voice. The face of the speaker showed he enjoyed my discomfort with the ridiculous name.

"Yes, Boss," I replied, eyes lowered. I spoke the well-earned name of the one sitting behind the large mahogany desk in front of me. I glanced to each side, taking in the smirks of Boss' two dangerous lackeys, the Twins.

"Ya failed me, son." His voice softened. "You lost something of value to me. How we gonna make this right?" He invited me to give a suggestion.

"I dunno, Boss," I stammered. "Maybe..."

"I'll tell you what's gonna happen," he yelled as he slammed his large hand upon the desk. "You're gonna gimme that pretty little black blade o' yers, and you're gonna thank me for lettin' you keep workin' fer me!"


The Twins circled around close while Boss finished his speech. Before I understood what I said, something hard struck from behind while a large fist slammed into my stomach.

Dizzy and out of breath, I fell to my knees and held my stomach. The need to throw up overwhelmed, but I worried how my employer would react if vomit decorated his fine exotic rug. I tried to breath.

Boss stood up from his desk and walked toward me. I understood why he negotiated behind that big wooden desk. It hid how short and fat he was.

He towered over me while I knelt.  I held my stomach and tried to keep the blade's pommel from his grasp.

"Look Shadow, we're both reasonable men." I blinked away any remaining tears as he smiled down at me. "The Twins and me ain't gonna steal yer sword. I know it's important to ya." He bent down so I could see his face.

"But we are gonna stay here until yer convinced it's worthy payment fer yer mistake."

My thoughts jumbled around inside. I understood the situation. I had no choice.

I bargained anyway.

"Boss," I panted. "Let me pay you back another way." I started to raise my head up, but Twin One grabbed my neck, forcing me to look at Boss' shoes. "I'll get it back, or find you something even better," I negotiated.

Boss sighed and shook his head. He lifted my chin with one hand and tapped my cheek with the other.

"It's the principle of it, Shadow. I'm not gonna hurt ya bad, boy. Ya got too much work to do. But I am gonna convince ya." He nodded to Twin Two.

The brute walked over to a door behind the desk. A yell escaped in protest when it opened, revealing David. Little brother looked scared, but he was in one piece.

"Boss," I stuttered as the thug pulled David's hand to the table. Twin One held tight, forcing me to watch as the little fat man lifted a hammer and brought it down on David's hand with a sickening thud. David wailed.

"Okay," I whispered, eyes closed.

I gave them what they wanted. 

As I grabbed David to leave, I shook my head. Boss could have had better than his own blood staining that glamorous carpet.

I hope you enjoyed Shadow's story.  I have a feeling this won't be the last we hear of him. 

Thanks for reading!

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