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Friday, November 1, 2013

Flash Fiction - Obsession

Welcome back!

This week, I experimented with my story writing.  Most of my stories are "scenes" that describe the action in close detail.  I tried to pull back a bit when writing this story.  I wanted it to come across as a tale of history.

Sendar's story takes place back in Ryndaria's history.  I expect this to be the first in a series of stories to tell the story of Faubersil and the ancient dwarves and their magic. 

As always, I would love feedback.  How does the story flow?  Do you have any major questions?  I hope it leaves you wanting to know what happens next!

I included a couple pictures of my latest miniature painting work as well.  This is Kundit, the dwarf wizard and a lizardman.  I think these are two of my best paint jobs yet!  I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading.  Next Monday, I should have my review of Theresa Snyder's James & The Dragon ready!


Long ago, Sendar Fauberhand, a dwarf of the ancient dwarven city Faubersil, grieved the loss of his wife Cora. A terrible disease afflicted the dwarf while she was still young and before the couple had any children.

To dull his suffering, Sendar hired Tanas, a powerful human illusionist, who lived in the city under the mountain. In those days, the greatest wizards of Ryndaria were dwarves of Faubersil, and spell casters from all over the world lived and studied magic in the city.

Tanas cast spells of enchantment on Sendar, allowing the dwarf to believe his wife lived again. Sendar would see his wife alive and well. He spent his time with this false reality, but these illusions lasted only a short time. Sendar spent his modest wealth reliving the fantasy, until no money remained.

Sendar's need for the illusion overwhelmed the poor dwarf. He ate little and ignored friends and relatives. His every thought was of seeing his wife again.

As the days went by, Sendar would scrounge up enough coins for a short visit with the illusion. Each time his desperation grew as reality flooded back.

The cycle repeated for weeks until Tanas refused to continue. “I hate seeing you do this to yourself,” he told the dwarf.

The illusionist offered an alternative. With the right components, he could create a magic wand that would summon the illusion of Sendar's wife for a short time each day.

Sendar focused his time on gathering what items he could for the wizard until only one element remained.

The final ingredient for the wand was the scale of a purple dragon. The unmatched intellect of purple dragons allows them to control the minds of others. They are skilled enchanters and illusionists, and their scales store a portion of that power.

Sendar knew he could not buy such a rare scale nor find a dragon, but he felt blessed by fate. He knew who had such a scale and how to get it.

Sendar's older brother, Kundit, kept a dragon scale in his study where he taught magic at one of the city's prestigious universities. Decades earlier, Kundit, a well known and esteemed wizard, coordinated a raid to defeat such an ancient dragon.

The creature burrowed close to Faubersil and tormented and corrupted the minds of many citizens. The battle with the dragon, and its charmed minions, cost many lives, but the dwarves defeated the beast.

Sendar went to his brother, asking for help with his obsession. He apologized, telling Kundit he wanted to move on with his life and reconcile with the family. Sendar deceived his brother and stole the scale.

Before Kundit recognized his brother's deception, Sendar delivered the scale to Tanas. The human completed the ritual, but instead of a wand, as he promised, Tanas forged an enchanted sword. The human wizard used the power of the blade on Sendar and fled the city.

Kundit found Sendar near death and babbling his wife's name. Though the younger dwarf healed of his physical wounds, he remained cursed by the evil blade, lost in an hallucination of his wife.

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