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Monday, November 11, 2013

Upcoming Posts

Happy Monday to you.  Here are a few updates on what's been on the site recently and what's to come over the next few weeks as we head into the holidays.


Last week I posted the fourth review of an indie pub'd book here at  I hope my reviews help you find books from independent authors that you can connect with and enjoy.  Have you read any of these books?  I would love feedback on my reviews, both positive and negative. 

Over the next three weeks, I have three more books that I will review.  I am currently working through reading them.

  1. First up is Brian Rathbone's Call of the Herald - The first book in his Drawing of Power trilogy.  Brian has many of his books available for free through his site, and so I grabbed the first book to review.  You can see many of his books here.
  2. Next, I am reading Zara Hoffman's debut novel, The Belgrave Daughter.  I am actually participating in something I haven't seen before: a "Blog Tour."  The week of November 25th, leading up to the release of The Belgrave Daughter, Zara has partnered with Grape Vine Book Tours to feature reviews of her new book across several blogs (2-3 each day that week).  I think this is an interesting opportunity, and I look forward to participating.  My review will post on that Monday.  You can see more about Zara's book tour here.
  3. Finally, I am going to read and review an independently published book that is not fiction.  I follow Rayne Hall on Twitter and try and converse with her when I can, as she has been writing for many years and really understand twitter.  Along with fantasy fiction, Ms. Hall also writes books about writing.  I'm going to read her book Writing About Magic and review it on the site on December 2nd. 

Short Stories / Ryndaria

Over the last six Fridays, I posted six "flash fiction" short stories.  A few months ago, I would never have believed I would get that much done.  I plan to continue posting one story a week through the end of the year.  This Friday, I hope to have part three of my series of stories about Kundit the dwarf and the city of Faubersil.  I think this will take four to six stories total to tell the entire tale. 

After that, I would like to come back to some characters I wrote about previously.  To do so, I want to take a poll.  You'll notice a poll on the right side of the site.  This lists the various characters I've written about so far. 

I will run the poll for two weeks.  After the poll closes, I will write a story about whichever character gets the most votes. 

You might notice more than six characters listed on the right.  I wrote a few stories in the past (before I learned the "flash fiction" approach) to go along with some miniatures I painted.  If you liked those characters, vote for them. 
Here is a list of the characters in the poll, and a link to stories about them:
  1. Shadow (Shadow's Lament)
  2. Aelar & Aelar Jr. (The Trouble with Junior)
  3. "King" Cedric (Treason)
  4. Helick Stonecleaver and the white Dragon (Giants and Dragons and Orcs, Oh My!)
  5. Kundit Fauberhand (Obsession and Voices In The Dark)
  6. Charis the Halfling (Halfling Sleuth)
  7. Kurssix the Lich (Godslayer)
  8. Dhenir the elf (Truce Forged)
Please leave comments and questions below about the poll and any of its characters.

Thanks, as always, for reading.  Come back Friday for another story!


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