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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Unboxing - D&D Starter Set

For you Dungeons and Dragons fans out there, you probably noticed the release of the new 5th edition rules this month.  There are plenty of posts reviewing the details of the rules and what they might mean for D&D going forward.  

I may have more thoughts on that in the future, but I'm saving most of my opinions for later.  I want to see how it plays with our group. 

There are some great posts out there that break down the content of the new rules and even the starter set.  
  • My good friend (@RedRaggedFiend) has his first thoughts on the new rules here
  • The Walking Mind is another great blog that discusses tabletop gaming.  His review of 5e is here
    • He also has a series of posts where he gives his thoughts about the starter set as he went through it, almost as a "live blog."
The Starter Set retails for $20, but Amazon has it on sale for $13 (here).  Here are some pictures of the set as I unboxed it tonight.  I have some initial thoughts about each piece below.  I'll say more over the coming weeks as our group dives in and tries the rules out.

The Box, still nicely wrapped.  I must say I am a sucker for dragon art!

Opening the Box, the set of dice is right on top along with the rule book.  Notice we can see more of the picture from the box cover on the rule book.

The dice quality is higher than I expected.  They are a nice pearlized blue.  I agree with other bloggers who would have liked to see multiple d6 or perhaps 2 d10.

The books.  Both are made of a heavy glossy paper, which is nice.  They are bound with staples, so I don't expect them to last through heavy use.  Look at that, the complete picture is on the adventure book.

The rule book is 32 pages long and contains the basics for getting to level five in the included adventure.

The adventure is a heftier 64 pages.  It includes a four part adventure of what looks like about 20 encounters.  It should take your party to level five.

Character sheets!  There are five pre-made characters, allowing for two fighter variants.  I suggest making copies if you are going to use them. 

The final piece of the set is an advertisement for D&D's Encounters.  The backside is a blank character sheet for an Encounters game.  While nice, the paper is glossy (no good for writing on).  Again, make a copy if you plan to use it.

I hope you found this unboxing of the D&D Starter Set useful.  Leave a comment on what else you would like to know or see from the set.

The official Player's Handbook releases next month, with the Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guides following in the fall.  This starter box will help those of us who cannot wait get started now.  I expect the game will hit critical mass next year with all the additional content coming through the end of the year.

Thanks for reading!

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